Primary health care software

Operate your Primary Health Care programs with our technological tool (Web and App). It will allow you to collect information in the field, consolidate in the cloud in real time and analyze

Coverage and effectiveness

My PHC Helps territorial health entities in promotion and prevention, executing preventive health programs, allowing to detect, intervene and channel people according to the associated risks in different dimensions.

Prioritization of people's welfare

The central axis of My PHC is the individual, gathering the necessary information to characterize his/her family, and to carry out his/her attention or prioritization in different environments: Home, Education, Community, Work.

The My PHC information capture forms are completely parameterizable according to the type of attention or screening, which allows adapting them to any type of territorial entity or IPS.

Features that make a difference

State-of-the-art technology to make your operation more efficient.

Form customization

Adaptation of forms and screenings according to what has been built by the territorial entities for the attention of their population.
In addition to:

Differentiating elements of the platform

Centralized information by person and services.
2. Reports for billing of services rendered.
3. Notification of risks and channeling to the corresponding entities
4. Real-time information on the operation
5. Real time statistics
6. Chat support up to 24/7

Off-line operation

Offline operation for service in areas where there is no internet coverage.