Intelligent shift management system

Intelligent shift management system for use in outpatient, user care, emergency, and other areas of your institution

Shift display on screen

TV screen in the waiting rooms where the shifts can be seen in attention. This screen also works as a multimedia portfolio transmitting institutional messages and can be customized through graphic software.

Health technology in Colombia

The Mi Turno system is a totally Colombian product, created by our designers and engineers, who added the aesthetics, and functionality to achieve a high quality product and multiple benefits. Completely in the cloud, and with access to statistics and management from our web software Netux | Cloud.

Prioritize your care system

Cutting edge technology to make your processes more efficient

Shift management system

The system allows hospital operators to assign the shift, attend the service and through a software generate reports, such as attention times, efficiency of the advisor, number of shifts attended per day, and other statistics associated with the service

Adjustable functionality and features

Customizable according to the needs of the institution.

Quick and easy installation

Because it is a totally cloud-based system, installation is really simple and fast. It is not necessary to install software locally for its operation. The whole system works through the web browser.