Shift system

Intelligent appointment management system for use in outpatient, customer service, emergency and other areas of your institution.
digital turntables
shift call screen

Display the shifts on the screen

In the waiting rooms, you will be able to visualize the appointment calls. These screens also function as a digital billboard, where you can administer and manage the content you wish to transmit to your visitors. The content can be managed independently per screen and does not require an internet connection.

Patient prioritization at
pretriage and queuing system

Manage the priority of appointments in the screening of your patients in emergency rooms using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and taking into account the patient's risk based on their reason for consultation. This process can be done through the mobile App without the use of the lectern.

on-screen shifts

Prioritize your shift queuing system

With Mi Turno, you evolve in health and innovate in technology with these functionalities:

Manage your users' experience

It complies with Resolution 2056 of 2016 and allows your users to rate the service through a lectern located at the headquarters or through your website, mobile app or WhatsApp. This functionality will allow you to make improvement plans, analyze indicators, customize forms, among others.


With our health shifts system you can integrate with all types of medical software, reducing attention times and generating more efficient processes.

Reports and service flows

Identifies special patients with agreements or requirements and, through reports and analytics, determines service times, consultant efficiency, number of shifts attended per day, and other statistics associated with the service.