Pharmacy management software

Solutions designed to improve the efficiency and safety of pharmacy operations.

Technology solutions for pharmacies

Pharmacies face a number of unique challenges. The need to ensure the quality and safety of medicines, for example with cold chain traceability to avoid drug losses, and to comply with government regulations.

In addition, competition in the pharmaceutical market is increasing, making it essential for pharmacies to become more efficient and stay on the cutting edge of technology.


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Solutions for Pharmacies

Mi Monitor

Cold chain monitoring system.
and control the temperature of refrigerators and vaccine and medication environments in different medical areas efficiently, through a cloud-based management software and an advanced alert engine, avoiding temperature variations that may affect the quality of the supplies and compromise the care of the storage of medicines and medical supplies.

Mi Turno

Shift management system that optimizes service times in the entities that provide services to users and improves the experience of their patients. Shifts can be requested from an interactive lectern located at the place of service or remotely from a mobile device.

Mi Llamado

Comprehensive wireless nurse call system that allows patients to request nursing services when they need them, from their bed or bath, thus improving communication between patient and medical staff with the goal of providing higher quality patient care.

Mi Paciente

It is a platform for remote tele-monitoring of physiological variables for remote patient follow-up in telemedicine schemes. It can be used for home health, home hospital, extended hospitalization or monitoring of patients with chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. Monitor blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, glucose, weight, patient temperature, activity.

My Appointment

My Appointment is a medical appointment scheduling platform for health centers, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and independent professionals. It allows patients to make their own appointments, automates the reassignment of appointments according to the waiting list, and reduces no-shows.

My Medical History

It is a platform designed so that health entities or independent professionals can perform medical care to their patients completely virtually and/or in person, whether they are first-time consultations, evolutions, clarification notes, medical orders (medications, procedures, disabilities and recommendations). With the possibility of having videoconsultation or tele-guidance modalities.